AVP is an international volunteer program that enables participants to deal with potentially violent situations in new and creative ways.

AVP Colorado is a sponsored project under the Colorado Nonprofit Development Center. CNDC, a Colorado 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt organization, provides AVP Colorado’s audit, accounting, insurance, payroll, financial management and technical assistance.

Project Board

  • Louisa Schlieben – Louisa Schlieben, board chair, is a client centered advocate specializing in family conflict and the intersection between domestic and criminal law.  Louisa was an attorney with the Office of the Colorado State Public Defenders, where she received exceptional training and tried over a dozen cases to juries.  Prior to moving to Colorado, she worked with the Public Defender Agency in Fairbanks, Alaska, and with the Legal Aid Society in New York City.  Louisa’s approach to the criminal justice system is grounded in the time she spent with the Innocence Project in New York City.  While under the direction of legendary litigators Barry Scheck and Peter Neufeld, she observed the underlying causes of wrongful convictions, fought to exonerate innocent people convicted of horrible crimes, and came to realize what a tremendous responsibility and honor it is to be an attorney. 
  • Amy Clark, J.D., C.C.R.S -Retired litigation attorney and recent graduate of the Middlebury Institute of International Studies, Amy’s quest to excavate the underlying structures of violence and to explore peacebuilding alternatives, has taken her to such rich environments as the jungles of Colombia, marginalized areas of Mexico, and the men and women’s prisons of Colorado. The common themes which weave throughout her experiences as Peacebuilidng Fellow and AVP Facilitator have served to underscore the need to recognize the humanity within each of us, and the imperative of rebuilding the fabric of society. The belief that we have the power, both individually and collectively, to transform ourselves and our environments, motivates her to serve New Foundations-AVP and its many stakeholders, both as a Lead Facilitator and as a Member of its Board of Directors.
  • Jordan Esbin – Jordan joined the AVP Board in 2017 and looks forward to driving efforts in data analysis, social marketing and fundraising. He has a strong interest in social good and believes strongly in helping underserved populations. Jordan works in the renewable energy software industry, and leads product management at HOMER Energy in Boulder, CO.  Jordan studied Economics at Purdue University and University of Canterbury. He holds a professional certificate from Harvard Business School. 
  • Talia Sternberg – Talia joined the AVP Board in 2017 and is dedicated to furthering the organization’s reach through effective marking. While her background is in communications she has always spent her free time advocating for social justice issues including race and economic status. Talia’s move to Colorado prompted a career change fully focused on mission driven work. She is now helping people at the Mental Health Center of Denver find fulfilling careers. Talia is drawn to AVP’s mission as it aligns with her beliefs that all humans deserve respect and an opportunity to thrive – and that learning to effectively process experiences and communicate with others can have an immeasurable impact.

  • Cindy Hamilton, MA, PHR – Cindy has a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and a Master’s in Human Resources. During her professional career in Human Resources Management, Cindy has negotiated and resolved many complex issues, using compassion and equity as her guides.  She joined the AVP Board in 2018, excited to contribute in such a meaningful way; blending her passion for reducing violence with her professional experience.  Cindy  believes that everyone has the ability to positively change their own life, in addition to contributing to positive changes in their community.
  • Jhil Marquantte – Jhil was released on FEB. 27th, 2018, after serving 25 years and 8 months in Colorado’s Department of Corrections. While on the inside, he participated in many programs which helped him find the path toward his vision of a bright, successful future. Yes, AVP was one of them. In his words, “AVP helped me remember who I really am, allowed me to find value in myself which was reflected in my choices, showed me how to communicate with respect towards others, which translates to having compassion and empathy for them as well. The workshops helped me find a confidence I had no idea I had lost! This confidence, combined with a sense of value for self, and empathy and respect for others are the foundations of all of my choices today.” Since his release in late February, Jhil has worked at REMERG (re-entry website) and served on panels that are working to help come up with solutions to recidivism in Colorado. He joined the Board of Directors of New Foundations – AVP in September 2018.

Project Coordinator – Margaret Browne – Margaret has more than 25 years of experience in policy, management and financial analysis work for the City and County of Denver.  She was instrumental in streamlining New Foundations into its current organizational structure and has served as project coordinator since 2012.

Volunteer Coordinator – Maire Callan – Maire brings a variety of work and volunteer experiences to her role as Volunteer Coordinator.  She graduated with distinction from the Iliff School of Theology where she embarked on a career change, specializing in Spiritual Direction, Pastoral Counseling, and Chaplaincy.

AVP Facilitators -All facilitators are community volunteers who have completed a rigorous training program.